The book for fans and collectors of Adidas shoes

The book for fans and collectors of Adidas shoes

The book for fans and collectors of Adidas shoesThe book for fans and collectors of Adidas shoes

Happy Birthday adidas!

From Past to Present- A Timeline of the 3 Stripes

Sixty collectors from around the globe have come together to celebrate the 70th birthday of the famous German sports brand with a unique book telling the story of the Three Stripes. Part history book, part picture book and part collector’s manual, the book is laid out in chronological order starting with some of the brands earliest designs before moving through the decades to the latest adidas Originals releases and SpeedFactory designs. 

Writer Neil Selvey commented “We think it is a unique product, in that no-one has ever attempted to recount the history of adidas using the shoes to tell the story. Whether you want to sit back and just enjoy the shoes or read about the designs, decisions and innovations, it’s all here”. 

With over 1200 shoes in the book and ten years of meticulous research, the product is brimming with content. “We tried to cover all aspects of the development of the training shoe from the first model in which Adi paid attention to the form of the foot, their first shoes to incorporate mass production techniques, their first jogging shoe, their use of thermoplastics, how adidas introduced shoes for the casual and leisure market and how adidas reacted to market changes and their competitors” In the book you will find classics such as the Rom, Samba, Stan Smith, Gazelle, Jeans, LA Trainer and Superstar, as well as hundreds of less familiar and rare models. “We found that an obscure regional release or a Special Make Up (SMU) told as much about the company as a multi-million selling pair. We tried to get a broad mix of shoes and styles to chart the progression of adidas from a medium sized family run business into the giant global corporation it is today”. 

The project would not have been possible without the efforts of the 60 collectors whose shoes feature in the book. “In the 70th year of adidas it’s great to bring together so many collectors shoes into a single volume. While this book celebrates the commitment and ability of those who made it happen at the time, it also celebrates the fan and collector who has helped make adidas the global phenomenon it is today. This is very much a book by collectors for collectors”. 

Over 350 pages, soft touch laminated cover, high quality paper, A4 plus size. Click the SHOP tab to order now!